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430+ students made it to NMIMS All Campuses through CATKing in 2020

270 Students in NMIMS Mumbai Campus through CATKing in 2020

200+ Students in NMIMS through CATKing in 2019

Some Achievements of CATKing Students
2020 – NMIMS Merit rank 6,8,10,12 catking students
2019 – NMAT 247 (Highest Scorer) & NMAT Rank 2
2018 – NMAT Highest Placement (Harshini Pathak)
2017 – NMAT 246 (Highest Scorer of NMAT)
2016 – NMAT 99.99 %tile

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 NMATBooster Special Online Workshops. Everyday class with IIM L, SPJain and NMIMS Alumni.
 Live Verbal Online Workshops with Rahul Sir (Wed and Fri 9 pm) to Ace Verbal Ability
 NMAT Thursday's: Live NMAT Special Strategy Workshops with NMIMS Alumni every Thursday
 Recorded Videos Playback for all Live Classes to aid your preparation
1000+ Concept Builder Video Lessons for NMAT Focussed Topics Section/ Module Wise
 Actual NMAT Official Guide Questions Recorded Video Lessons
 10 Actual NMAT Level Full Length Mocks made by NMAT Toppers
 30 Sectional Tests with Actual NMAT pattern to improve your time management strategy
 48 Topicwise Special Tests for each topic
Real NMAT Mock Analysis Live Videos along with detailed Mock analysis Dashboard
 2000+ Practice Questions CATKing Booster Books
 Special NMAT Maximiser eBooks for NMAT

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NMAT Mocks

 10 Actual NMAT Level Full Length Mocks made by NMAT Toppers (3 Adaptive and 7 Non Adaptive)
 30 Sectional Tests with Actual NMAT pattern to improve your time management strategy
 48 Topicwise Special Tests for each topic
Real NMAT Mock Analysis Live Videos alongwith detailed Mock analysis Dashboard
 2000+ Practice Questions CATKing Booster Books
 Special NMAT Maximiser eBooks for NMAT


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Success Stories, why students’ love NMAT Courses by CATKing

27 CATKing Students convert NMIMS Mumbai. Results of 2020:

1. Preeti Naidu
2. Shreshtha
3. Saahil Jain
4. Sargam Jain
5. Poorva Mangal
6. Abhinav Narayan
7. Sujeet Gupta
8. Ashwin Ratnawat
9. Tushar Pandey

10. Aniruddha Bhandari
11. Kirti Agarwal
12. Pavan Manu Rajesh Sreerama
13. Kapil Desai
14. Ayesha Deshmukh
15. Rohit Singh
16. Sushant
17. Sonal Padhi
18. Anurag decision sciences

19. Ajinkya Ambike
20. Aditi Goel
21. Mayank Garodia
22. Pranav Goel
23. Amey
24. Nishtha
25. Purvak
26. Shivang Shah
27. Shivangi Agarwal

31 CATKing Students convert NMIMS PGDM . Results of 2020:

1. Pooja M – Bangalore
2. Ajitendra – Bangalore
3. Nikitha P – Navi Mumbai
4. Mrinal – Bangalore
5. Smit – Indore
6. Harsh – Indore
7. Shubham – Hyderabad
8. Rohit wagle- Bangalore
9. Srilekha Banerjee- Banglore
10. Kaushik Valia- Indore

11. Sharvari B – Navi Mumbai
12. Pallavi Jichkar – Mumbai
13. Rahul Dutt-Indore
14. Prinshal – Indore
15. Nikhil B – Hyderabad
16. Neeraj – Indore
17. Keshav – Hyderabad
18. Viral – Bangalore and Navi Mumbai
19. Anurag Ghosh – Bangalore
20. Ashwini Ladda – Mumbai business Analytics

21. Aparmita Sood – Bangalore
22. Nikita Sarda – Bangalore
23. Gaurav – Hyderabad
24. Shivanand – Hyderabad
25. Anvesha – Mumbai Business Analytics
26. Ankur – Bangalore
27. Yash Bheda – Bangalore
28. Shrinath Raju – Bangalore
29. Pragati – Bangalore
30. Shivam – Indore
31. Tanvi – Bangalore

For Verbal, Rahul Sir made studying verbal extremely easy. Verbal was my weakness which he turned into my strength. Rohit Sir, Karan Sir, and Ekagra Sir made solving Quants, LR, and DI a cake-walk. Though I scored a 210 and my chances of making it through NMIMS were less, they made sure to prepare me to my best level for the GDPI rounds. Rahul Sir and Anisha Ma’am gave the best of guidance because of which I secured admission to NMIMS Mumbai. Here, you'll not only get MBA entrance preparation but also profile-building strategies. Faculties make sure they boost your strengths and also help you overcome your weaknesses.

Ankita Parekh, NMIMS, Bangalore Campus (2021)

The NMAT mocks by CATKing are actually really good and more importantly accurate when it comes to the level of testing on here vs the actual paper itself. The great part is that they even have a few free mocks to start you off with (This is how I was convinced) post which you can actually take the premium version.

Shaunak Kapoor, Marketing at SVKM's NMIMS (2021)

I'd like to thank the countless motivation sessions Rahul Sir and other faculty provided to stop me from giving up and keep trying.

Those GD/PI Tips & Tricks sessions at the end taken by students currently in that college were extremely helpful and insightful.

CATKing truly takes the extra step towards helping you, but make sure you keep up with the pace!

Raj Shah, NMIMS

The night class sessions by Anisha ma'am and Rahul sir for CD/PI and SOP verification were really a game-changer for my preparation and the video lectures for Hygiene questions were designed. Thanks a lot CATKING for making my journey a success

Pavan Manu Rajesh Sreerama - NMIMS

Big thanks to Rahul Sir, Anisha Ma’am and entire CATKing team. I was very fortunate to make it to NMIMS. The tips and tricks given by all the faculty were quite helpful. The best part of preparation was the GDPI. We not only learnt but also enjoyed every bit of it.

 Kushagra Verma - NMIMS

CATKing has played an important role in my success; they helped me gain a lot of confidence whenever I was feeling low or pressure about the exams. All the faculty were also very helpful at every point.

 Purva Kamat - NMIMS

I enjoyed very bit of time studying at CATKing, yes there was always pressure before the crucial exams however, Rahul sir and CATKing team was always ready and accessible to resolve all of them.

 Rudranshu Samanta - NMIMS

CATKing has been a very good experience for me. Apart from the written exams the GD-PI trainings were the most rigorous and the most effective. For GDPI they have a complete cheat sheet ready for all the questions that may come to you. Overall it was a very nice experience and thanks to CATKing I made it to NMIMS.

 Jagdish Kotary – NMIMS

As Rahul Sir rightly says, “To be the best, you have to be around the best peers”. At CATKing, I have been with people who are better than the best. CATKing has helped me not only in cracking my entrance exams, but also in growing as a professional. The amount of time they invested in us for preparing for the group discussions and personal interviews is unmatchable. End result, I got through NMIMS and now I am branded for life.

A huge thank you to Rahul Sir and team for their constant guidance and motivation. And I can say this with utmost pride that I am what I am because of CATKing.

 Harshini Pathak – NMIMS

Profile photo of Karan VedCatKing has been my best companion for all the competitive examinations such as CAT, NMAT, SNAP…etc. It's user friendly Student Dashboard helped me navigate easily through various course materials and videos compiled by them. Also we had Verbal Wednesdays (special VA booster workshop) by Rahul sir to make sure that every student gets deeper knowledge about Verbal Ability subject. Also we were taught and mentored by notable alumnus from IIMs, NMIMS, JBIMS to name a few which really helped a lot to understand the concepts of every subject as well as making sure that the students remained engaged throughout their preparation.

Karan Ved- Nmims Mumbai 2021

I don’t think my MBA preparation journey would be complete without mentioning CATKing. I started from percentile that is not worth mentioning till now where I have multiple IIM’s and other Bschools converted, it has all been due to CATKing and especially due to Rahul sir. From all those motivating sessions and GDPI tips to inspiring words, Sir, you truly are an inspiration. CATKing not only helped me in solving my silliest doubts but also helped me develop my profile to be better equipped for GDPI. Anisha Madam, Rahul Sir and all the CATKing faculties deserve all credits for all my successes of converting Bschool. Thank you Rahul Sir and CATKing Family.

Vaibhav Shah, NMIMS

I am grateful to Anisha Ma'am & Rahul Sir for guiding me throughout my NMAT CDPI preparation part which was closely monitored and it was made sure that we get feedback to improve after every mock which in turn got me finally selected. Regarding Test series, the best part is individual subject test series which is something that enables you to crack the exam as a whole. Forever thankful to further telling me that I can make it to NM this very year.

 Poorva Mangal - NMIMS

The study material provided is more than enough for cracking almost all National Level Management exams. The online study portal with number of mocks give you a real exam feel. Another positive aspect of CATKing is that, unlike other institutions, they do not solely concentrate on CAT. They give due importance to various other exams like NMAT, MICAT, SNAP, CET, and International exams like GRE, GMAT to name a few.

 Shreya Agarwal -NMIMS

Being an engineering student, I never faced trouble with Quants however when it came to Verbal I was a bit nervous. However, this nervousness was brought to an end once I joined CATKing. Rahul Sir was exceptionally good with the subject and made sure we conceptually learnt it. This helped me score good and eventually secure a good college.

 Biswadip Roy – NMIMS

The faculty and their method of teaching especially “strategies” were very helpful and fulfilling. Their support and motivation helped me grab a top B-school. I would like to thank Anisha Ma’am and Rahul Sir for conducting lot of Mock GDPI sessions and providing honest feedback. A big thank you to the entire CATKing team!

 Neeraj Ghatge – NMIMS

It was a great journey at CATKing. The faculty here are highly knowledgeable, dedicated and never hesitate to explain a concept any number of times, till we are clear with it. Also, the guidance during the GD/PI process was awesome and very informative to crack the PI round. The mock interviews were very helpful. I can vouch for the quality of teaching by the faculty. Their support and input was of great help during the GD/PI process. I believe that they have a large contribution to my NMIMS and IMT conversion. Thanks a lot Rahul Sir, Anisha Ma’am and the entire CATKing team and I hope you help make many other dreams come true.

 Anjali Lalani – NMIMS

& Many More!
200+ Students in NMIMS through CATKing 2017-18
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