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A comprehensively designed MICAT Course Curriculum, diligently crafted by MICA Spot Offer Achievers keeping the needs of students in mind, the challenges they face and how tests like Psychometric and Creative Writing become a hurdle in their quench for Masters in Communications from the pioneers of Media and Communications, MICA.

125+ CATKing Students Cracked MICA over the last 4 year


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MICAT Online Course

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MICAT Mocks - Turbo

5 Full Length MICAT Mocks
20 MICAT Sectional Tests
48 Topic wise tests
500 Word Associations Primer eBook
12 CATKing Primer eBooks for Practice
Mocks Analysis Dashboard with Indepth Sectionwise and Topicwise Analysis


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Why choose us for your MICA Prep

Live Workshops

  • Learn from MICA Experts and MICA Spot Offer Holders
  • Live sessions to engage, communicate and learn
  • Connect from anywhere anytime
  • Exclusive Creative writing and Psychometric Sessions


  • Ace the MICAT with the expertise to Qualify Psychometric
  • Creative Writing: The MICAN Style of Descriptive Writing
  • Argument Writing the Scientific Way
  • 10 Ways to Increase the Overall Score by 20


  • Learn from MICANs
  • Weekly Study Plans to Boost your Prep
  • Creative writing Feedback to improve your skills
  • GE PI Mentorship with MICANs
  • 24*7 Email Support

What Our Students’ have to say about Us

Success Stories, why students’ love MICA Courses by CATKing

My association with CATKing began with the start of my MBA entrance preparation. Rahul sir’s workshop is the best thing that I have attended till date. I received a thorough strategic plan for my approach and preparation for all the exams including MICAT. After having cracked MICAT, CATKing was the only coaching institute which had 14 days of intensive preparation series of GEPI session that helped me immensely to secure a confirmed offer from MICA for the 2016-2018 batch. I owe my success to CATKing.

 Ammaar – MICA

"I was under the guidance of the CATKing Team for 2 years and everyone was very helpful throughout. Rahul Sir and Anisha Ma'am have constantly motivated me and pulled me back up whenever I didn't feel confident enough. By setting goals for me, by providing me with online and offline study material, and through their online Test Series, CATKing made it possible for me to achieve a great percentile in CAT. Their sessions were also instrumental in MICAT preparations and converting the GE-PI call. It was a great learning experience and I'm glad I made it to my dream college, MICA, with their support and encouragement."

 Rukhsar, MICA (CAT 96.67%ile)

It would really like to thank CATKing for all the tremendous support and helping me getting close to my dream college MICA..From the very start of making us understand about how important it is to give all exams and the various tricks n trips to ans on the D day, all really helped me to do well in papers..apart from this the USP of CATKing which really built confidence in any student is Mentorship programme.. Its very student specific..as per your strength and weaknesses and inclination to join colleges we are advised to study ..it gives a very clear direction n also motivation to keep going.. I am really glad to have such mentors…kudos to Rahul Sir for all the support and motivation.. Mazel Tov!

 Sonam – MICA

Think big..! This is something which you can sense in the air at CATKing. Our mentor, guide, Sir, our founder is always behind each one of us and believes in smart work rather than donkey work. Strategies, mocks, theories, books and stress on cracking the entrance is the goal. And every leader needs a mentor. At CATKing, the person teaching you has the expertise and can foresee all you need to put in. Crack the entrance and leave the rest on them. Learning from someone who has “being there” and “done that” is priceless. Morever, Cetking doesn’t only assist in getting you to your dream B-School but you builds your profile which stays with you forever!

 Kushal – MICA

I received a very focused material for MICA GE-PI preparation from CATKing. Since my sole aim was MICA, that’s the kind of material which helped me the most. Anisha ma’am personally took my mock interview and gave very helpful reviews on my answers and SOP. She made me MICA ready. Big thank you to the CATKing team and Anisha ma’am.

 Himani – MICA

CATKing was of great help while putting together my SOP. They helped me identify my strengths & put them across with the “Mican edge”. They also played devil’s advocate with me and got me geared up for potential obstacles. I have seen many candidates come a long way under CATKing’s guidance as they’re very well acquainted with the process.

 Rahul – MICA

I was a part of the CATKing online courses for MICA. Choosing CATKing has by far been the best decision. I would like to thank Rahul Sir for the structurally focused and dedicated teaching which helped me clear both the phases. Each and every concept, tip, trick and idea was useful. I also want to thank Anisha Mam for being there all the time, for reviewing the SOP and giving a positive boost even a day before GEPI.

The mentoring, motivation and the efforts put in by CATKing were extremely effective and landed me to MICA. Along with a very resourceful online availability, I hope CATKing has more centres all over!!

 Rashi – MICA

It was a month of september was totally confused what to do and how will I crack any B-School entrance infact was afraid will i be able to clear any. It was my second attempt time class proved nothing worth..than heard about CATKing. To be frank I went to Rahul sir’s free demo lecture just bcoz it was free thought that at least something might help and there comes a young tall man Rahul Singh with a loud voice said whats up party people. That class I can say was the best ever 3 hrs of my life simply because that 3 hours changed my life and I landed from CATKing to MICA. The level of motivation and also not to forget the verbal class of Rahul Sir was above par which helped me to convert MICA. The detailed Videos of all the topics uploaded helped me a lot and the best part is that I could access those videos anytime anywhere 24/7. CATKing changed my life and of many others. Joining CATKing was the best thing happened to me.

 Ronak – MICA

I still remember the first day I walked into CATKing, for a workshop by Rahul Sir. It would be an understatement to say that it was a turning point in my life. He had barely met me for an hour and he said, “You’re going to MICA.”

Well, I am here now. And, it would not have been possible without the constant encouragement and concise guidance by the institute. Their inputs and invaluable efforts for the GEPI round helped bolster my performance in this highly competitive round. 

Rahul Sir will always remain a special influence in my life-  someone who showed me that I had it in me to get what I wanted, no matter the difficulty.

Shreya - MICA

I received a SPOT OFFER from MICA university and now I am a proud MICAN. My relationship with Catking classes was only for 3 months but the learning I gained was immense and something worth all the money I invested. Thank you Catking team and Rahul sir"

 Manmeet – MICA

The credit for my success across all exams goes to CATKing’s Rahul Sir. They have guided me, forced me, coaxed me through every decision and at every juncture. My queries were answered even post midnight without any delays

 Meera – MICA

I have been associated with CATKing since I began my journey; since then it has been nothing short of wonders. Coming from a Commerce background I was not particularly strong in Quants/DI or verbal either but the faculty at CATKing helped me gain excellence in these topics at ease especially Ekagra sir’s quants shortcuts. My journey in cracking top MBA entrance exams is incomplete without mentioning Rahul Sir who has been constant support and pushing me and believing in me that i can achieve great scores.He has been a true mentor and motivation in this Journey.Last but not the list I would like to thank all the CATKing faculties for their esteemed support.

 Vaibhav – MICA Convert

& Many More!
100+ CATKing Students Cracked MICA over the last 3 year
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Comprehensive Study Materials

Detailed videos and webinars brought to YOU, by our MICA Experts. Well-categorized content that makes for a quick, yet effective preparation for MICAT. Creative Writing Tests with samples of good, average and excellent to help you gauge your level and scale up. Psychometric Tests to understand what MICA Looks for in candidates. Video Insights from MICANs to enhance your preparation.

These videos, webinars and mocks make for a complete study package that will enable you to Ace the MICAT.

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