MBA GD PI Courses

GDPI Management development Program @ CATKing

Conquer the First War of the Battle and get us a CALL! Taking you to glory our team will ensure every Battle is won!

How do we go about this?

Firstly understand for Group Discussion and Personal Interview, there are 2 very important factors:

  1. You: Some may have expertise in public speaking, some me be shy, we train you to Lose all your Inhibitions and face the GDPI with Confidence
  2. The College: Each college has its own procedure, style, the expectation from candidates. We will assign you mentors specific to each college.

At CATKing MDP Program What we Offer?

Mentorship: Students will be provided with the free Mentorship from the seniors of the colleges.
Sync up with the Alumni of that particular college to frame and design your 2 years of management.

Management Jargons: At the time of GD we prepare our students for certain word list and certain management jargon which are constantly been used in the corporate world. So that they can speak the managers’ language in their PI’s

Domain Focus: Preparing students on 50 important concepts of Marketing, Finance, Operations and HR. this will help to increase your knowledge, crack the PI and also to make a good impression on GD

Profile Knowledge: Providing our students with the many possible profiles available across all the management vertices

Mock Sessions: Practice Group discussions, group exercises, WAT and Personal Interview Sessions.

All this with the Agenda to Crack any CALL!